Spellbound Photography was created by me, Brianne (Lischka) Collins, several years ago. I have been taking photographs ever since I can remember. It all began with a Kodak Brownie camera. I would pose our pets on the couch, or dress up the little girls on my block and have them pose with props. When I reached my teens it was all about concerts. I'm sure I drove my dad nuts how quickly I'd blow through film. Thank goodness for digital, its saving me a small fortune!

These days, my interest lies in portrait and event photography. I truly love to take pictures that are meaningful and beautiful for my clients. Time flies, so I believe capturing a special moment or memory is important. I'd love to do fashion and product photography as well.


As for rates-I try to be reasonable for the current market. I want to work with you, so keeping my pricing affordable is key. I had a tough time while choosing my own wedding photographer because the costs were insane. I want to be the photographer I was looking for. You shouldn't have to make a huge sacrifice to afford decent photographs.


Contact me if you have any questions, I'd love to hear from you!